Friday, June 19, 2015


Went to lunch with the 'Fugee and Rosie and a couple of things caught my eye.

After lunch went to a naturalization ceremony. Kind of like the pomp and circumstance of this particular occasion and the judge was pretty funny. I could see him doing stand-up comedy -- easily -- but he was also serious and I liked what he said about freedom and how you cannot use your freedom to constrict other people's freedom...speech...movement etc.

My Selection

Fugee's Selection

Renounce and abjure absolutely...


  1. My organization hosts naturalization ceremonies several times a year, and it's always very moving. As imperfect as this country is, so many people have come here escaping conditions that are beyond description. And others weren't badly off, but they saw a better opportunity here. All good, all valid reasons to come to the U.S.

    I wish I was a little more proud of my country, though...

  2. That's cool that your organization has annual ceremonies. That was my third and, in retrospect, they all have been very moving as you said.

    I also have mixed emotions about the pride thing, Pledge of Allegiance etc.

  3. Also, is that your bike? Because it's BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Wish that was my bike but I went with black. I spent a lot of energy trying to decide what type of bike and it didn't occur to me to get something colorful.