Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Regular

Around mile two of Saturday's bike ride, realized that I had left my iced water in the car. Alison said that I could share but it was a humid day so I thought about what to do. Didn't want to ride back but I thought about calling the 'Fugee because I know that her nephew stays close to the trail. Also thought about the Quick Trip toward the end of the trail when Alison said that we could stop by Ace Hardware.

Haven't been to a hardware store in ages and didn't think they sold water but they sell some of everything of course.

If push came to shove I could have bought some lemonade from the youngsters chanting When I say lemon, you say... 

After bicycling did modest uncluttering and was shocked to find money that my aunt Girt had given me for Christmas. I think it was Suze Orman who said when you don't know what you have you lose money or maybe it was a professional organizer who said that.

After uncluttering a bit, reward myself by going to the grand opening of the city pool that I attempted to go to the other day. 

Where the party at? The party was definitely on the south side of St. Louis yesterday. I almost turned around because of the crowd but went to the main entrance, as instructed, to fill out paperwork. As soon I stepped in the door, the main lifeguard asked a security to escort this woman out for using too much profanity. 

I think that I know the lifeguard from one of the recreation centers. Even if I don't know her, I know... Her entire language and body language screams I don't take nothing from nobody...

The locker room of the city pool looks like something that got left behind. I want to call Extreme Makeover to see if they'll help. 

As always with this pool, the deep end stays closed so all of humanity was in the shallow end and there really wasn't much space to swim but I'm still glad that I went. The weather was beautiful and there was live music.

Later on I found out that there was Go Fund Me page to raise money for the party. Wish that I had known earlier. I should also mention that this pool is the only free outdoor pool on the south side...

Red, White and Blue
Vintage Firetruck
Went to 11:00 a.m. yoga instead of 9. This woman next to me was cracking me up with her exaggerated breathing and I told her so after class. She was a little surprised by my comment so I explained more when her daughter told me that she was 75-years-old. I would have never guessed 75. At the most, I would have guessed 60. Her daughter said that, yeah, she rocks. 

Neither the daughter (Karen) nor the mother are regulars. It's usually Karen's 6'5, 250 lb husband who is the regular. Sometimes it's good to go to a different class.

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