Tuesday, June 16, 2015

La La La

Right before yoga class started, had a short conversation with Joy who said it's really nice to teach on Monday night. I told her how nice it is to practice on said night.

Mondays can be so jarring...

Joy often starts class talking about setting aside what happened earlier in the day but I liked what she said last night about not giving those earlier things any more energy. I'm going to put that concept in my tool box...

Also really liked what Joy said toward the end of class. If I could give you yoga homework, it would be to breathe. 

Tuesday morning was a reminder that you have to continue breathing and acquiring tools. One of my coworkers, who is dramatic on any given day, started with the "Shakespeare Fest" early and I was already feeling gutted because of my sleep habits and, boom, unpleasantness ensued.

Re: today's drama, Alison suggested that I channel one my favorite tunes right now and just thinking about Sam Smith's song made me smile.

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