Friday, June 12, 2015

A Day Early

What does one do for a staycation?

It was hard to top the pre-staycation trifecta of the Lantern Festival, Circus Flora and Farm To Yoga so I didn't try. What's the point of always trying to top something anyway?

Thursday morning, decided to make an oatmeal "recipe" like one I'd seen in Prevention magazine: rolled oats, unsweetened cocoa, coconut, almond milk, almonds (a little redundant now that I think about it) and a drizzle of maple syrup. The recipe didn't call for it but I added bananas. Was I moaning while eating it? No, but I liked the change.

Went to get an a.m. massage because I still feel tense. Because of the therapist's skill, I was able to go to that hypnotic state. At the end of the session, she thanked me -- as massage therapist will do and told me that she will see me when she sees me which meant I could truly take my time and not rush to get off the table so I didn't.

Couldn't resist going to the pool afterward. The air and water temperature was perfect and I capped off the day by going to Zumba...

Saw the Mayor tweet about one of the city pools. I forget about them.

Felt the need for a dip in refreshing water again so I headed to a city pool but when I pulled up there was no one in the water and, upon further inspection, the gate was locked. I did see a lifeguard who told me that there'd been a delay because of an inspection or something and that the pool is slated to open tomorrow. Nothing like seeing all off that refreshing water and real estate and not being able to get in.


  1. That sounds like a perfect day! Well, maybe not as good as Farm to Yoga...

    When I win the lottery (tonight) I will buy you a swimming pool.

  2. You're the first person to promise me a pool. That's so sweet. :)