Monday, June 8, 2015

What Patti Did

Patti threatened, last year, to give me the gift of a bike event registration. Got an email from her on Sunday with the title "Great News!" Yup, Patti registered me for a bike event that's in September.

Maybe preparing for a long distance bike ride is the kick in the pants that I need -- and maybe not. Exercise has not been a problem in the last eight years. It's been food. Anyway, we'll see...

Alison told me that she'd purchased the "Get Outside" edition of St. Louis Magazine. She looked through it and discovered why she was so drawn to this fence that we see along the Riverfront Trail. The fence was created by Bob Cassilly, the founder of the City Museum. The area is where he died while working on a project...

Love the City Museum's slogan: Saving The City, By Any Means Necessary.

I really like the Roller Girl story about Kayla Seiber who used to weigh 300 pounds. The story also makes me want to go to the roller derby next Saturday.


  1. Well, you might end up enjoying the bike event - there's probably lots of good aspects besides the exercise. It could be a mental kick in the pants.

    I love the roller derby so much! The girls are so cool and fierce and awesome. I have a giant girl crush on every one of them. I like to come up with my own roller derby names and fantasize that I am 30 years old and covered in tattoos and a cross-fitting roller derby star.

  2. I think that I do need a mental kick in the pants...

    I wanna know one of your derby names. :)

    Seiber's derby name is Tupac Shank-Her.

    1. Mary Manslaughter!
      Brushes with Death!
      The DisintegrateHer!

      Try this:

  3. Funny! I really like The DisintegrateHer.

    I am Amanda OndaWarpath. ;) What's really funny is that my derby name makes me think of my grandmother.