Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outside The Box

As I headed to the pool last night, realized that I had left my towel at home and, really, you don't miss your towel until...

In retrospect I could have stopped by the 'Fugee's or I could have stopped by Kmart to buy a towel but that just goes to show how I forget to think outside of the box. At one point, I seriously thought about going home and, therefore, not getting in a workout. Also thought about asking the lifeguard if there were any towels in lost and found but that kind of grossed me out.

Because the nights have been cool recently, I did take a long-sleeved shirt for post-swimming so I used the t-shirt that I had on to towel off. Problem solved...

I'm going to have to move Crime and Forgiveness near the top of my favorite Moth episodes queue. Listened to it as I walked to work on Monday. Revised Moth list:

  • Korea, Colons, Pickups and Pranks
  • Gaggy's Blessing (with Krista Tippett)
  • Before Fergus 
  • Crime and Forgiveness 
I was moved to tears listening to Crime and Forgiveness. As I approached the parking lot, one of my coworkers expressed surprise that I lived so near then said That's nice that you can have some peace of mind before the bullshit starts. 


  1. I would like to live close to work. Sometimes I think it would be bad to be TOO close, but srsly it's not like I'm just going to hang out there all the time because it's nearby. I hate how much of my time is wasted in commuting.

  2. Is there a particular story in Crime and Forgiveness that you were so affected by? The first Moth story I ever heard was Ed Gavagan's story of being stabbed and it was so compelling I was immediately hooked.

  3. Re: work, I hear you. Some of my coworkers stay more than an hour away. That's a huge chunk of time that could be devoted to other pursuits or rest...

    Re: Crime and Forgiveness, yes, it was Gavagan's story that I found compelling. It was his victim impact statement that did me in...