Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Savasana

I saw you a phrase that I now hear from coworkers. Some want to know if I need a ride and when most find out about the length of my commute, they tell me how lucky I am. Feeling a bit Where's Waldo?-ish.

During this morning's walk, listened to a 10 minute Hillary's Yoga Practice Podcast but couldn't find my home in other podcasts. Tried listening to The Tim Ferris Show, The Body Sphere and The Sporkful but nothing really held my attention. Listened to an entire Sporkful episode about falafel but the ravioli one is not moving me although I keep giving it a try.

On the walk back home, listened to "How Does A Home Birth Midwife Work," a Slate production. I'm totally diggin' Slate's Working...

The weather is so divine that I finished my workout by taking a spin around a park.

Doggie Outside Window at Work
Went to yoga tonight and this woman said This place is so relaxing that I started yawning when I walked in the door. I didn't have the problem at the beginning but it was very hard for me to move after namaste. I totally wanted another savasana...

On another note, I have several social media accounts. Not even sure why I signed up for Vine or Instagram but, lately, I've been drawn to Instagram and it makes total sense because I've been drawn to photography since high school, maybe before.

Below is one of many photos that I've liked on the 'gram.

Amanda Bingson, Hammer Thrower


  1. "I saw you walking" sounds like a line from a poem.

  2. Maybe an ode to walking is in order.

  3. Did you hear the Diane Rehm show about The Road Not Taken? Really good episode.

  4. Have not but will look for it.