Saturday, August 15, 2015

On and On

Came home yesterday and had my "exhale" cup of coffee then went to work on the fish tank in an attempt to get a jump on weekend tasks.

Happier Habitat

Woke up hard then went back to sleep which meant that I got a late start on mowing the lawn but I was determined to get mowing off of my to-do list. It was unbelievably hot at 10:00 a.m. Mowed the back yard then took a break so I wouldn't drop from heat exhaustion. 

Time for replacement mowing shoes.

Finished the yard then washed my hair and put a conditioner on it. Whilst I waited had a wonderful cup of coffee and read a couple of magazines courtesy of the public library via the Zinio ap. Since my DVD player is working again, haven't borrowed anything from Hoopla but Zinio is working for me. Just saw The Distracted Mind on Hoopla -- might have to check that out...

Went to Target and bought a sleeveless top for sleeping that was on sale for $6 something. Looked again at shorts but didn't really see anything.

A Pocket?
Quiet Blue Sleeper

Later on in the day...

Headed to the 'Fugee's so that I could swim because I know the days at the outdoor pool are numbered. As I got ready to exit the pool, heard this little voice -- Hi...How are you? How's the water?

The weather was unbearable in the morning but by the time I got to the pool at 7:30, it wasn't hot anymore. The water was almost perfect but when I got out half an hour later, the air temperature was cool...

Stopped by Shop 'N Save to pick up two items that I could have gotten at Trader Joe's earlier but wasn't sure what I was going to cook. Hadn't been to Shop 'N Save in ages and was shocked to see the illuminated display shelves. 

Bright Lights, Lots of Candy

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