Monday, August 17, 2015

My Cue

Got to yoga class ten minutes before start time and most people had already set up their yoga nests so I was left with a front and center spot -- it was either front and center or take the back of the bus position so I sat up front.

Noticed the father who brings his daughter, who is about 10, to class. She is the only child in a room full of adults and I think about how fierce she's going to be. Fierce in that sense that Emma Slater talks about in the August issue of Yoga Journal.
I also noticed a change in my mental resilience: I became so much more positive, and little daily setbacks didn't faze me anymore...
And the young one will also be fierce because her father spends quality time with her...

My father once called one of his sisters the world's oldest teenager and he could say that because he had teenage tendencies but I know that I have been on such solid ground for so long because of the time that my father spent with me...

Joy loves to tell us to stop whatever story line we have going and tonight she went on to talk about how we tell ourselves the same harsh stories 80 something percent of the time and how we talk to ourselves in ways that we wouldn't talk to other people.

I have to say that I became much better at self-compassion after reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project so I'm less prone to speak harshly to myself but I still appreciate reminders. Thank you Gretchen...

Joy's line of the night at the front end of savasana:
And now you're the softest human being on the planet.
That was my cue to stop engaging my muscles and to, in general, let go.


  1. I read The Happiness Project but it stressed me out more than made me happy! I remember it as yet another list of ways I *should* be living and was failing at.

    Maybe I'll look at it again. Possibly I wasn't in the right head space for it at the time...

  2. I didn't get the sense that The Happiness Project stressed you out...but I understand about books and timing...

    1. It was helpful and enlightening at first, but I gave it up because I felt like I was failing at happiness :-(

  3. Definitely a good reason to leave a book alone because you shouldn' t feel like you're failing at happiness.