Monday, August 10, 2015

Missing Yoga

Saw this sign on my way home, slightly diff route.
One of the Zumba instructors, Alisha, likes to say Reward yourself with water at the end of a song.

I've come to think of walking to work as a reward since it feels like additional free time. I especially like walking because that's when I devote time to podcasts.

Listened to part of Live from The Moth GrandSLAM and was not that moved but I guess you can't expect every podcast to be a slam dunk. Although Jeff Simmermon, who was the third "batter," didn't disappoint.

Listened to Kate Braestrup's Moth story on Sunday and got goose bumps... Braestrup's realization makes me think of the Ferguson Library's tweet below and, since I've made sport references, I have to say that I was tickled by a joke on A Way With Words.
Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?*

I've been averaging one yoga class per week lately and I desperately want to change that... I miss yoga.

Thought about Gingerzingi when I read this article about quitting yoga. What's the opposite of quit? That's what I want to do with yoga...

*Because the referee kept calling fouls...


  1. "a coward who 'Nama-stayed'" LOLOLOL.

    We're all different, I guess that's the lesson. I don't like yoga or running; I know people who love them.

    But people change... maybe someday I'll feel the love :-)

  2. I wondered if you'd do another Couch-to-5k... Running is at the bottom of my list of things that I want to do.

    I will say that as much as I enjoy yoga, there are periods when I feel lukewarm about it. Same thing with climbing.

    1. Hrodebert wants to do C25K again when the weather cools off. YUCK. NO. HATE.

      But of course I will do it with him. If nothing else, I might just have a nice walk while he runs...