Monday, August 3, 2015

You Hear The Shutter Click

Picked up Yoga and Spa Magazine plus Healthy Planet yesterday at the grocery store and knew that I would read them in the morning while drinking coffee.

Almost spit out said coffee when I came across a picture of myself. Public yoga. You hear the shutter click and know that pictures exist but you never know when and where they'll turn up.

I understand the desire to take pictures. I get my love of photography from my father and I will never forget being in college and sitting with bell hooks. When I asked her if she minded if I took pictures, she said By all means, document.

When I first spotted the Farm to Yoga picture, thought about how huge my back looks. Well, I've had a huge back for a long time and strength training certainly didn't help matters.

I noted the position of my head in the picture. My head should be down and not up but who knows what was going on. I'm a on a less-grippy mat than usual.  Maybe I thought tilting my head would make me stop sliding...

Having my image in Yoga and Spa is fitting. I like integrative stuff. Don't think that I would ever do it but I found the article about floating interesting.

On an ordinary note, I've owned yoga sandals before and I like the look of the ones being advertised. I pursue a healthy lifestyle. I'm more comfortable with downward facing dog and while there's lots of room for improvement, there's lots to celebrate too.


  1. Okay, GZ, calm down.

    Wow you met bell hooks. That is so cool.

    Yoga photo: LOL of course it was d.d. But at least not shot from behind. So that's you on the right? The girl with her head up? :-) Maybe you heard something just then and looked up to see what it was. Pretty cool that you're like some sort of icon of yoga for the magazine readers!

    1. First sentence of that comment is missing:

      This post is freaking me out! Too many things!

      I wish blogger let me edit my comments!

  2. It's been a while but I still have fond memories of that meeting with bell hooks. She did not disappoint...

    Re: the photo, I think that I did hear something. :)

    And, yes, DFD must be the most photographed pose and I'm totally glad that it was not shot from behind.