Saturday, August 8, 2015

Share The Pool

From My Anti-Stress Ap
At 4:15 p.m. yesterday called Lulu's Local Eatery and asked for an impressive amount of Buddha bowls. Gave my name for the order and Lulu said I should have known it was you. I laughed. Are you getting bowls for the whole week? she asked. More laughter...

After picking up the Buddha bowls, met up with the 'Fugee and another friend. We were headed to check out the other friend's new house. Headed to Illinois during rush hour and the commute took 45 minutes. The 'Fugee and I have a whole new appreciation for our short commutes...

Had my eye on going to the pool this evening but wondered about the wisdom of devoting time to leisure. Feel like I've barely been to the outdoor pool so I let the dirty laundry and clutter wait another day.

I really had no intention of doing any real swimming. Finished listening to the Melissa Walsh episode of Inspiring Awesome then took off my outerwear, grabbed my goggles and headed in the vicinity of the pool when I heard this mother tell her child (Nevaya) that I was going to swim laps just like Mr. Such and Such does. Share the pool, the mother advised. I was touched because usually the opposite happens and "lanes" collide.

At one point Nevaya warned her friends that I was swimming laps and I asked Nevaya if she wanted to get by and she said Naw, I'm doing laps too.

Every time I took off, Nevaya took off so I acknowledged her by asking how long she'd been swimming. Since I was three, I think. Maaa, Maaaa - how long have I been swimming?

Nevaya turned back to me and told me that I was a good swimmer. I told her that she was a good swimmer too then she said It takes a lot of hard work -- so you can get mo' better. Too cute.

Before Nevaya's mother left, she thanked me for my patience and Nevaya also came over to thank me for letting her swim with me.

I ended up swimming much longer than I planned to because I didn't want to disappointment my little shadow...

Since I'm on the subject of swimming, here's an article about "swimming while black." Had flashbacks today, mostly pleasant,  about my stint learning how to swim.


  1. "If desegregation meant equal access to public goods, then floor line equality – where nobody had access to anything – was seen as the preferable path." I swear. What is wrong with people? Good article. As a white person it's easy for me to not see the LEGACY of racism. Overt racists acts are easy to spot, but the continuing ramifications of the past aren't as obvious to me. I heard a podcast a few weeks ago, maybe it was the same author, and I didn't realize how public pools had disappeared over the decades.

    I appreciate when you mention what podcast you're listening to - I've picked up some good ones from your blog.

  2. And then the "preferable path" is followed by the "secret YMCA plan..." I thought it was a good article too.

    I love it that we can be a resource for each other. :)