Monday, October 5, 2015

Breathe, 'Drea, Breathe

My immediate coworker was in an epic mood this morning but she had me cracking up when she started talking about Columbus Day.
Columbus Day is a federal holiday. We are off on federal holidays. Why aren't we off on Columbus Day?
I was feeling her on that one. Would love to have October 12th off. Also, I'm doing everything to squash my own foul mood...

Headed to yoga and the sky was stunning -- indigo with orange and white splotches. I took a brief detour so that I could pull over and capture the moment. By the time I got off the highway, the sky wasn't as spectacular as it had been but it was still charming.

This woman got on my nerves at yoga -- slapping down her map and moving around like a noisy troll. I may or may not have called her a troglodyte. Breathe, 'Drea, breathe...

Speaking of the sky, Neil deGrasse Tyson was on CBS This Morning talking about some movie. He caught my attention when he said We are a sample of one.


  1. Yes, why DON'T we have Columbus Day off? At least I have Veteran's Day. And Easter, which is kind of weird. Well, I guess technically it's Good Friday.

    Shocked to realize that it's dark at 7:00 now. Tried to do some yardwork when I got home from work and couldn't finish!

  2. There are Columbus Day parades and everything and, yes, that's nice that you have those "bonus" days off; gotta take what you can get.

    I miss summer already.

    1. I don't miss summer, because that's a miserable time of year here. Fall is glorious. But I do miss the daylight.

  3. The heat can be oppressive but if I have access to a pool, I can deal with it...