Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just Because You Leap

Haven't had coffee in two days -- a sure sign of illness. The thought of coffee made my stomach turn which makes me wonder if it's a good thing to drink at all.

The common cold has me in its clutches again. No swimming. No climbing. I've been pretty much walking up until today when I felt energetic enough to go to Zumba.

Actually, I walked to work and went to Zumba. During my walk, finished listening to the Jane Fonda episode of Death, Sex and Money then started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons.

When I listened to Gilbert's first episode, thought it was clever of her marketing peeps to start a podcast as Gilbert's book, Big Magic, was released. I moved from episode one to five which is the last one in the season if I heard correctly. Gilbert interviews her friend Brene Brown who got the Midas touch from Oprah. At any rate, I enjoyed Brown's answer to a question that Gilbert posed.

Gilbert talks about a woman who was angry about being let down by inspiration. The angry woman had an idea, borrowed money, got others involved and she didn't get the results that she wanted.

Brown said that inspiration had not let that woman down and that just because you leap, it doesn't mean that there will be a net. Then Brown said the following:
I leap for the experience through the air, not for the landing. 
Well said Brene Brown. I need to give Daring Greatly another try.


  1. I hope you are better soon, chica.

  2. Thank you. Definitely feeling more like myself...