Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not Stationary

Yes, a double serving of comfort please.

Why am I so good at hydration when I'm sick and so terrible when I'm not?

Was at the 'Fugee's last night when I noticed how nice her corner looked. Took a few pictures then started paying attention to my meal. My sweet potato black bean burger, spicier than usual, did what I could not do for days -- clear the right side of my nasal cavity. Too bad that "the occupant" moved to the left side. The right side still felt amazing though and left me hopeful that change was on the horizon.

The 'Fugee and I, don't laugh, watched episodes one and two (season one) of Downton Abbey...

Left the 'Fugee's and there was very little traffic and, yet, someone was riding my bumper. However, if I'm not in the passing lane and someone is riding my bumper, I don't move over. Ended up being a cop and it was almost as if he or she was trying to push me over the speed limit so that there would be a reason to pull me over. The cop didn't stop me last night but it's so annoying because I've been stopped more times in the 'Fugee's area than anywhere else. Makes me want to put a bumper sticker on my car: not riding dirty...

No biking today. Tad bit chilly and too windy and I'm feeling Eastern European because I'm afraid of a cross-breeze right now.

Went to Zumba and talked with the newbie who I've dubbed Island Woman. Said woman has expressed concerned about not getting steps right but then came to the conclusion of Do what you can as long as you're not stationary.

Saw this shirt at Marshalls tonight. Really like the concept.


  1. I wasn't going to laugh at you and the 'Fugee watching Downton Abbey, but that's because I don't get the joke. Is it very uncharacteristic of you? That's the funny thing about that show, everyone watches it.

    There's been a couple times I thought a cop was doing that to me. Can't really know. But I never get stopped. I've been stopped twice in my entire life: once in an ID check when they were stopping everyone and once when I rolled through a stop sign (got a warning). Apparently DWB is a real thing.

  2. I just feel like we are so late to the DA game. It's been in my queue forever and I actually hadn't planned on getting it but forgot to rearrange the queue. Wasn't sure that I'd like it...

    Re: DWB, it is real unfortunately.