Saturday, October 10, 2015

Holding On

Connie As Alison & I Checked Out Totems
It's been a tense month at work then I rushed around playing squeezing specialist --trying to fit many things into my day on Friday. After returning from lunch, knew that I had locked my keys in the car as soon as the door sealed. Worst possible timing in that people with spare keys are in another state. Luckily, my roadside assistance covers locking one's key in the car. Wasn't sure that the insurance did. Otherwise, I would have had to call a locksmith.

On Fridays, I face a small dilemma. I want to practice yoga but I also feel wrecked. Despite feeling depleted and like I couldn't move any further, I went and it was worth it just to hear Erin say Cut the cords that have been hanging onto you all week. Hallelujah and thanks for the cue...

Went bicycling with Alison and Connie. When I arrived at the parking lot, there were only two cars so I turned on my cell phone in case Alison needed to reach me and I started reading Mental Floss when I heard someone approach my car. It was Alison. Connie had driven and told Alison that she didn't think that I knew they were there. I most certainly did not know. Kind of funny.

We had gorgeous weather for bicycling which had me singing Lovely Day throughout the bike ride and I'm going to hold onto that and not dwell on the fact that I checked very few things off of the to-do list.

One of Artica's Totems


  1. Another fantastic bass line. Thanks for reminding me of that song :-)

    You know, I read all of your posts and I try to comment on as many as I can without seeming stalkery, but Blogger so rarely lets met :-(

  2. You're welcome. :)

    LOL, I try not to seem stalkery too.

    Wonder how attentive the Blogger people are to their baby.