Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dreams, Phrases and Yoga

Had a small dream in which I tried to figure out the day of the week and was noticeably disappointed when I realized that the week was so young.

Monday night yoga still helps and I totally related when Joy said the practice is to undo what we've been doing all day -- sitting etc. More of the etc. really.

Did a few minutes of yoga before I rolled out of bed. I should be doing reclined pigeon on a daily basis but, of course, I don't. That few minutes of morning yoga felt good. Not sure why I don't do that more often.

A phrase from The Kite Runner popped into my head as I got ready this morning -- There's a way to be good again. Can't remember if that phrase is in the book as well...

Took advantage of this beautiful fall day and walked about. Listened to An Astronaut's Husband, Left Behind -- an intriguing Death, Sex and Money podcast. Also listened to part of Through Trying Times: Stories of Loss and Redemption, a Los Angeles Public Library podcast.

My mood? Curious...


  1. Hmm, first-thing-in-the-morning yoga is intriguing. Especially if I don't have to get out of bed to do it.

    I've been binge-listening to Working.

  2. I'm enjoying bed yoga. Just did it on a whim but now I want a yoga mat as thick as my mattress...

    Which "Working" episode captivated your attention the most?

  3. Really they are all good, but Club doorman and Matchmaker were the least interesting to me. I liked 747 Pilot, Forensic Anthropologist, Waiter, Perfumer, and Inner City Doctor. The last one, she was so outspoken and no-nonsense. Like, "This is what's wrong with this picture, people. Sheeesh." Not impatient with the interviewer, but impatient that poverty continues to exist and we continue to judge people for it. I loved what she said about McDonalds, something along the lines of, "Poor people are unhappy because it sucks to be poor. Obviously they will choose to have something pleasurable once in a while." The ooh-la-la episodes, like male dominatrix and porn star were okay but not that interesting to me. How Does Stephen Colbert Work was amazing. Apparently that man's brain doesn't shut off for two minutes a day.

  4. Haven't listened to some of your standouts yet.

    I also liked the one about the 747 pilot and I'm looking forward to the Inner City Doctor one.

    Enjoyed reading your take on the episodes...