Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Art of Unwinding Twice

Treated myself to a month of unlimited yoga and one thing about treating yourself to an unlimited pass is that you show up on the mat more often, duh, unless you practice yoga for drunks. At any rate, had my eye on going to restorative yoga on Friday after work but started waffling about whether or not I should.

Believe it or not, it's an effort to make it to yoga on Friday evening but I pulled myself together and headed in the direction of the studio and caught just about every red light. Traffic was impressive too. I had to tell myself to slow down -- that racing through the city was not very appropriate for someone heading to practice yoga...

Made it to the studio with five minutes to spare and was a little puzzled when I didn't feel the presence of others. Turns out that the only person in the studio was the teacher. It's kind of exciting to have a private yoga lesson but also nerve-racking for someone like me who does not like attention. Felt like I had to unwind twice but it ended up being a lovely class and then I headed out -- late for my rendezvous with the 'Fugee and the other 'Fugee...

Made a bicycling date with Alison and Connie even though we knew that it had been breezy for two days and Saturday's forecast was also for breeziness. Monitored my iPod to make sure no one had canceled and started putting on layers. Also dug out my fingerless gloves then headed to the riverfront.

Wow, it was chilly which we all could have dealt with but the breeze was formidable. I'm so proud of us for getting our bike ride in and thankful that the staff at the visitor's center had fires going...

Finished reading Gretchen Rubin's Happier At Home and Rubin has definitely found her niche. The Happiness Project resonated with me more but I liked this book too. One of the things that I like about Rubin is that she's fond of quoting and my favorite quote in this book is one by Elias Canetti:
"One lives in the naive notion that later there will be more room than in the entire past." (250)

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