Monday, October 19, 2015


Be careful what you asked for...

Might have lost my photos to a restore but Patti took some as well and, so, there was photographic proof of just how much I've chunked up.

I just make myself work harder now. No one wonder I had tender biceps from trying to haul myself upwards. At any rate, I still appreciate all the things that my body can do.

Patti Dangling Above Me

Even The Big Kids Got One

Walked to work this morning and thought I'd try a new podcast but switched gears about six minutes into Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. I'll give it a try later on down the line. Instead, I listened to How Does a Mediator Work?, from Slate's Working lineup. A giant thumbs up from me. I enjoyed listening to the mediator/shamanic healer. Energy work fascinates me.

Liked what Clemants had to say about people with heavy energy -- how they walk into a room and make you want to move away. Clemants said they haven't done the work to get rid of that heavy energy...

On another note, one of my coworkers said that she had a very realistic dream about me. I was upset about work apparently.


  1. I listened to that episode too and was really struck by the part about heavy energy. I'm afraid I might be that person.

  2. I think there are degrees and varieties of heaviness and I don't sense that you have the kind that would make someone head in the opposite direction.