Saturday, October 17, 2015

About Leaving The Forest Floor

No Saturday bicycling as partners in crime had restrictions on their time. Plus, it was a little chilly and windy for riverfront cycling.

Alison and I went to Zumba instead. There were a bunch of newbies who looked like they belonged to the same family. As the first member left early, I encouraged her stay but she said I'm headed back to the treadmill. It's too much jiggling for me. Hilarious!

Thought I had all the time in the world but barely had enough time to grab lunch before I headed out to the Shaw Nature Reserve for a canopy climbing workshop.

The trees are spectacular right now so the drive was amazing.

As I hauled myself upwards, didn't feel an ounce of trepidation about leaving the forest floor. I guess that's one of rock climbing's gifts to me.

Canopy climbing requires a lot of coordination and I had a hard time pushing one rope up and then pushing my foot strap up etc. I never got the right balance and, as a result, I was almost in a reclining position on the way up which made my body very tense. But Patti? That woman's a natural at climbing and she had ascended two trees, almost, before I got one in.

There was a young lady who was also a natural...

Patti In Her Element

\Drove home and made another pit stop before my trip to the Apple store. My iPod, even with a restore, has still been glitchy and I couldn't back it up. With an appointment, I still had to wait 30 minutes in the super crowded store. As my Aunt Al says about Walmart, you would think Apple is giving stuff away.

As I sat there and waited, I was on the verge of tears. Tiredness was getting the best of me but I do have to say that Apple employees have very good customer service skills. Never saw the technician as the guy who did my intake ran a diagnostic and there were still several issues so he gave me a new iPod.

When I saw that my Ipod couldn't be backed up, did an update on Google Photos to preserve the rest of my pictures from canopy climb but looks like they were lost. F@!$

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