Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rain Delay

Feeling much better. Not 100% but I'll take the percentage that I'm currently at.

It's been raining all day -- soft but persistent. I'm feeling drained and think the rain is partially responsible...

One of my coworkers doesn't own a car and I asked him where he'd left his poncho. He told me that he didn't need one because he was from the Pacific Northwest. Funny.

Chose a book, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory, off a nonfiction books you should be reading list

Really enjoyed this book. It is tightly written and has a lot of heart. Very early in her life, Doughty becomes fascinated with death and she follows that curiosity. 

I have many favorite parts but one that I really like is about Chris, a dogged body remover, who commented on a partner that gave up on removing a four-hundred-pound person from an apartment "I hate people who don't try."

So glad that I spoke up when we were making funeral arrangements for my aunt last year. There are some people who choose embalming then cremation but I didn't see the point of doing bot and also didn't see it as fulfilling my aunt's wishes...

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