Thursday, July 16, 2009

30 Days

While not a Morgan Spurlock joint, I did go to The St. Louis Fitness Factory for 30 days.

I first learned about the Fitness Factory from a mailer which I let expire but the offer was still being promoted on the website.

Fitness Factory

The teaser on my mailer said no hassles and it was 99.9% accurate. Other than a pitch about two months free instead of one if I joined on the spot, my 30 days was pretty much a hassle-free experience.

The Fitness Factory is beautiful. From the ultra-cool logo to the pastel blue and green walls, it's elegantly decorated. And, for some reason, the restored loft felt like a tree house to me -- the better to feel like I was playing instead of exercising.

I love the mezzanine. Even if there were quite a few exercisers, it never felt crowded since people were split up. Also, no matter what time I went to the Fitness Factory, there were machines available. I never felt like it was overcrowded.

Fitness Factory has your standard cardio machines like the elliptical trainer, treadmill, stair climber and stationary bike. They also have treadclimbers which was a new machine for me. Missing from FF were AMT, EFX and Arc Trainer machines.

Perks included towel service and free parking which is crucial since parking downtown can be a headache.

I liked the overall decor, cleanliness, digital locker system, the European-style bathroom stalls and the Kenyan shoe drop off. Fitness Factory also offered several classes, including spinning and Zumba.

Old sneakers were being collected for the Shoeman.

Shoe4Africa and RecycledRunners also collect shoes.

And one of the coolest things of all at the Fitness Factory? Pilates on the roof.

A one year membership is $539.00 dollars. With processing fees, I pay about $315 a year at my current chain fitness club.

I really enjoyed working out the Fitness Factory. In fact, I felt like I was at a spa and, speaking of spas, there are also tanning booths on the third floor of the FF.

What can I say Fitness Factory? You're Beautiful.

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