Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bowling Doesn't Burn Many Calories

One of my peeps invited me to go bowling which I haven't done in eons. There's something about slinging a bowling ball down a lane and knocking down pins that moves me.

I took my workout clothes to work just in case the bowling didn't pan out but when it did, I was still considering doing a drive-by workout since, let's face it, bowling doesn't burn many calories.

I thought about the time it would take to do a drive-by workout and between travel time and an actual 30 minute workout, I would be rushing to the bowling alley sans dinner.

My back-up plan was to go home, grab my bike and ride around for 30 minutes. Bicycling is my new, non-food jones. I'm so glad that I hopped on a bike again. I love going downhill and having the wind at my back; it's so exhilarating. There's also something about the movement that you can achieve on a bike that's different from cardio machines.

I rode around then went in the house to eat before heading to the bowling alley. I should have followed my first mind and cut down my fingernails but I didn't and I loss a couple of nails the hard way. My scores were awful (63 & 76 et al) but I didn't care. I had fun.

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