Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Slow Submerge

It took me 2.5 hours to mow the lawn today because I hit the primer button too many times and flooded whatever gets flooded. Sigh.

After trimming a few weeds and dragging some exceptionally large Poke Salad down the alley to the yard trash bin, I got clean so that I could go to the pool.

Polk Salad spreads like a virus but, apparently, some folks are crazy about the stuff.

I'm still swimming indoors since the weather has been unseasonably cool.

Now, Mehlville Pool bills itself as a best kept secret.

Come on in, the water is ALWAYS fine!

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, the Mehlville School District indoor swimming pool is waiting for you. From swimnastics classes to springboard diving, the Mehlville pool offers something for everyone with its year around swimming programs.
The promotional brochure even goes on to describe the pool as heated. Ha, ha. Even when the water is not frigid, it's a close call. My strategy is to just dive right in and not try to slowly submerge myself because, really, the slow submerge is tortuous.

I had to buy myself a new swimming suit because I destroyed the other one; it's loose, showing white fissures and catching water. My first swimming suit lasted over 10 years because, frankly, I was never in it. I found a $25 dollar suit at Dillard's at the end of the season last year. Then, I got another one for my birthday but they had to all be adjusted once I started loosing inches and the suits were not ideal for lap swimming anyway.

I first went looking for a swimsuit at B & B Aquatics because they were the only local store that sold plus-size fitness swimwear even though I ended up making an Ebay purchase since they had a color and style that I liked.

My favorite swimsuit so far is the Solid Ultraback Conservative.

I'm hoping that this new suit will last for awhile. Although my conviction, from the start, has been that any investment in fitness attire is a worthwhile one.

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