Saturday, July 25, 2009

Could You Survive?

Going through some old e-mail subscriptions, I saw a link to this story, Woman Didn't Hesitate To Run After Attacker, while reading a post at Blogging Away Debt.

Christina Hennigan, a marathon runner, was attacked and took some hard hits but ran after the man long enough that an off-duty border patrol agent witnessed the chase and, eventually, apprehended Hennigan's attacker.

Hennigan's story jogged my memory about an article that I had seen in one of the fitness magazines. A doctor, Dr. Pamela Peeke, was inspired to start a television show after seeing footage of a woman who was about to be rescued but couldn't hold onto a branch long enough.

Dr. Peeke's show appears on the Discovery channel. Since I don't have cable, I haven't seen it but I like the premise.

One of the tag lines is:
Odds are you're not fit enough to save your own life let alone some one's that you love.
Are you fit enough to survive a natural disaster et al?

When Fitness Means Life or Death

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