Saturday, August 24, 2013

About Five Minutes, Okay?

To ensure that I got my workout in and to avoid feeling like a goldfish, I went to the indoor pool and swam 21 laps -- not an easy feat since the Chatster was in the lane next to me...

After I wrapped up my indoor swim session, didn't bother putting on my shorts or shirt, just wrapped my beach towel around me and headed to Hazira's. She igged me when I knocked on her door but since I was headed to her pool, being igged didn't bother me but I bet she was reading The Balkan Chronicle or something like that as she tuned out the doorbell.

I want to spend as much time at the outdoor pool as possible before it closes and the countdown to Labor Day is on.

Hiiiiiiiiiiii, said Olivia as I walked into the pool area.

What's your name?

We've been down this road before but I guess Olivia forgot my name. I don't feel well, she said....I have allergies. Olivia is very friendly and chatty. In fact Rabija's friend, Cindy, wanted to know if Olivia and I were neighbors. Nope, Olivia just rolls like that. In fact, Olivia completely wore Zoe's name out but Zoe, an older girl, was very patient with Olivia.

I avoided getting out of the pool the way I avoid sleep on Sunday night. Oliviaaaaa, about five minutes, okay?

Just as Olivia's mom gave her five minutes, I gave myself the same deadline. I had spent almost three hours in the water and hunger was getting the best of me.

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