Tuesday, August 20, 2013


As I walked into boxing class yesterday, I heard one of two guys (Afghan or Iraqi, I think) say There are mostly womens. Wasn't quite sure how Dawn would respond but didn't expect her to say Guys have a hard time hanging. They think that's it just about punching and then you see them on the sideline trying to catch their breath.

Later on, Dawn said that she also thinks that men get disappointed when they see that a female is leading the class...

Even though I like boxing and, like Dawn, think it's a great workout, I've been debating about whether or not to sign up for the next session even though Dawn said six words that pulled me into class -- We're going to keep it simple.

We pulled out bags and started off with one minute rounds of:

1's, 10 x's
2's, 10 x's
1-2's, 10 x's

I think my favorite combination was the side kick...back fist and elbow...

Went to the pool tonight and I'm glad that they have bumped up the open swim time to seven. Chatty Kathleen didn't know about the new start time and arrived later which gave me a chance to get in laps before she started talking to me about sycamore trees and yellow split pea protein powder.

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