Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You'll Feel It Tomorrow

The feeling is starting to return to my arms. It's a burning feeling but feeling nonetheless...

After the warm-up, Marisa pointed towards the whiteboard and said that the workout was self-explanatory - pretty simple or something like that. And the words were pretty clear-cut.

50.....................Swings, squats, push-ups

Chip did require clarification but I saw the glint in Marisa's eyes and knew what she was up to.

50 swings
50 squats
50 push-ups

40 swings
40 squats
40 push-ups. etc. etc.

Since Tiffany, "A-Rod" and Megan were the pacesetters, as usual, I never made it to 10 but 120 two-hand swings were enough for me.

Next up was the kettlebell clean and press.


Marisa told the newbie that she was going to feel it in her shoulders tomorrow.

Newbie: I'll feel it tomorrow? How about now?

I got in 98 cleans and presses before the pacesetting crew finished the set.

Next, we hit the floor for side planks with a reach. Rocking side planks. Static planks. Planksplanksplanks... Russian twists...

Marisa was tickled that she saw one picture of the yoga event at Busch Stadium and I was it. She wanted to show me the picture that had been shared on Facebook but I had seen it and didn't need to see it again.  It's a picture that I wish didn't exist because I can see the weight that I've gained but as I told Hazira today -- it's not the end of the world. I just need to batten down the hatches and reassess my food intake.

Marisa also asked me why I practiced yoga but she pretty much knew that it was for mind and body. I also told her that yoga felt particularly good the day after kettlebell practice...

Cindy emailed me a link to the video below. I forgot how beautiful kettlebells can look in the hands of an experienced swinger.

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