Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Princess Is A Beast

Comfort is no test of the truth. Truth is often far from being comfortable. My yoga quote of the day by Swami Vivekananda.

It's good to be reminded of discomfort on kettlebell day.

Slept well last night as I usually do after swimming. Guess the water gradually rocks me to sleep but not just sleep -- a solid, restful one...

Did my usual I don't want to go to kettlebell internal whining then got myself in gear.

2kb = double your fun. We did this sequence for a while -- all for 45 seconds:

Jump rope (with imaginary ropes)
Two-hand swing, two kettlebells or one larger one


I enjoyed doing the alternating kettlebell clean and seesaw press. I also enjoyed working out next to Princess Tiffany. She's been out of town for two weeks but totally owned her workout including the double snatches portion of the program. Tiffany handled those kettlebells so beautifully that I wanted to stop and take a picture. The Princess is a beast.

Julia and I don't normally join in for pull-up practice but we did today. As we we walked to our cars, Julia said I'm proud of us.


  1. I like that seesaw press and I'm going to use it next workout.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your seesaws. :)