Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ultimate Outdoor Yoga Experience: Seventh-Inning Stretch


What?... Seventh-Inning Stretch
Where?...Busch Stadium

I enjoyed everything about practicing yoga with 1,499 people -- from the collective Om to the weather -- just beautiful.

It was even cool when The Harlem Shake came on and everybody got silly with it.

After savasana, one of the instructors asked us to put our right hand over our heart and left hand on our face as reminder to love ourselves then she asked us to put our left hand over our heart. That was one powerful silent meditation. Bonus: Got to spend time with some of my favorite people.

During savasana, either Danielle or Roxanne asked us to put our palms face up -- or on our bellies if we still didn't feel grounded. I'm still flying from the event so maybe I need to ground now -- or maybe not.

Into The Stadium We Go

Cindy Minus Me (A Part of Pic That Will Never See The Light of Day)

Jeremy Getting His Stretch On

Kelly Finding It Hard To Walk Away from the Bases
Me and Gloria -- Found the Night Scene Mode Too Late
Picture from Lululemon Plaza Frontenac's Facebook Page
Rosie and Kelly

St. Louis Post Dispatch iParty

 P.S. That baseball grass is incredible...I think that we all could have walked barefoot indefinitely.

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