Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ball Slamming and Whatnot

Went climbing yesterday and there's that part of me that wants to be sorrowful that my climbing is not what it used to be then Patti pops into my head. What are your climbing goals? Do you want to be active? Do you want to have fun? Check, Patti, check...

Also, even though I get the occasional resistance while climbing, my tweaked knee feels better after tackling the walls. Go figure.

You know how you just click with some people? Fellow kettlebeller, Julia, is one of those folks that I click with and we both think about napping before kettlebell. Analysis anyone?

Marisa was more than ready for us and had stations set up.

Today's workout -- for one minute of action and 30 seconds of rest:

Station 1........Squat with two kettlebells (or one heavier kb)
Station 2........Push-ups
Station 3........Alternating V Leg Sit-up with Bulgarian Bag
Station 4........Roll Out with Ab Wheel
Station 5........Burpees
Station 6........Triceps Dips
Station 7........Heavy Swing (35 or 45 lbs)

During the first round, I went with 45 pounds because Princess Scientist Warrior Tiffany went in front of me and I didn't want to let her down but I didn't have the stamina to swing 45 after the first round.

Station 8........Slam Ball (20 lbs).

Marisa said that she can always tell when I'm slamming the ball by all the noise that I'm making. I love ball slamming -- especially by hump day.

After three rounds of squatting and whatnot, the other women worked on pull-ups but I declined, stretched and resisted the urge to nap in front of the industrial fan.

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