Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coming Out Of Hero...

Had to come out of hero pose on Sunday because my right knee wasn't feeling it.

My knee tweak moves around. Sometimes it feels like the tightness emanates from the quads -- sometimes the tightness surrounds the kneecap. Going up stairs -- not a problem. Going down stairs -- minor problem.

As I swam last night, I could feel the tightness. Post-swimming, the knee released somewhat.

To exercise or not to exercise? Of course, I don't want to do any further damage but there's always the option to modify.

I thought about texting Marisa to see what she had on tap for kettlebell practice. As for Saturday climbing, I already know that corner routes will be off-limits...

I decide to go to kettlebell practice knowing that with swings, at least, my hips will do most of the work.

The 50 V sit-ups (25 per leg) and the 50 snatches (25 per arm) totally owned me. By the time that we finished with two-hand swings (50), burpees (25), push-ups (25), clean and press,, around the body with a catch and lunge (25 per leg) etc., I was a broken woman too tired to whimper. On the lunges, I went in reverse and barely dipped my right leg in case you're wondering why I would attempt lunges with a tweaked knee...

This newbie bought a 10 lb kettlebell and Marisa quickly told her that it was only good for the trash and that she didn't even think it was ten pounds. To illustrate her point, Marisa went and got her kids (4 & 5) and they were both able to swing the "10 lb" kettlebell. Newbie said, Okay, I got it. Not sure why she didn't consult Marisa in the first place.


  1. Until I started working out at UHF which incorporates kettlebells in the workout, I would look at the (lighter) kettebells in the store and worry they would a bit too overwhelming. I never would have bought that heavy in the store without the class...This morning we worked out with 25lbs and 35lbs (the guy in our worked with 50lbs).

  2. MS. Bad MJ,

    Yeah, had I not taken a class, I would have never purchased a 10 kg and sometimes when I pick it up, I think "Jeez this thing is heavy."

    Sounds like you're enjoying the 'bells...