Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All Of Your Sides

Could hardly breathe last night or Saturday night. I've experienced chemical congestion before but it's happening more often. I need to get a snorkel mask, find a salt water pool or get a nose plug. I'm not quite ready for Cindy's Neti pot suggestion.

I didn't lose as much sleep as I did Saturday night so I went to kettlebell class where Marisa had an interesting workout in store for us.

We did the following moves 10 times on each side with the exception of burpees which kind of hits all of your sides -- even when you modify:


After that circuit, we doubled our pleasure with two kettlebells and did each move 10 times. After double kbs, we did stations -- plank, battle ropes, Bulgarian bag etc.

That Bulgarian bag (17 pounds) wears me out even more than swinging a kettlebell does except when Marisa wants us to do a total of 60 snatches -- and that's how we ended class. I did a lot of deliberate breathing to make it to 60 and, I think, we ended up doing a total of 90 snatches in all.

After class ended, we talked about the sports we used to be involved in. Princess Tiffany said that she wasn't really into sports. She used to take ballet but learned how to work out in graduate school. The Princess is a superb student.


  1. I would recommend trying the neti pot, too, but it sounds like you're not likely. Just in case you decide to try it - it's REALLY important to use distilled water. You can't use tap water; weirdly just because it's safe to drink doesn't mean it's safe to go in your sinuses.