Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taking the Bulgarian Bag by the Horns

Had a vivid dream where I scooped up a fumbled football then ran in for a game-winning touchdown.

When the recovery played on monitors, I got a clear view of my chunkiness.

It's not a dream that requires heavy analysis. I've fumbled but I can recover. Plus, I was able to evade enough players to run and make a touchdown. I still have stamina.

In addition, this dream speaks to the state of my knee. The pyrotechnics (tightening, rolling, popping) have quieted down and the area around my knee feels freer...

Went to kettlebell and it's funny how three out of six of us kettlebellers long for a nap before the swinging begins. I don't even go there anymore. I can't afford to let the notion cross my lips or rattle around in my mind.

We did two circuits with about six stations -- two rounds each.

Circuit One:

Presses (Double)
Cleans (Double)
Squats (Double)
TRX Squats/Rows

Circuit Two:

Triceps Dips
(Heavy) Two-Hand Swings
Bulgarian Bag Swings*
Battle Ropes
Slams (30 lb or 20 lb)
Double Snatches
Double Squats

During the first round, we did each station for one minute and on the second round, we did each station for 40 seconds.

Circuit two was intense. It was the first time that I attempted double snatches. I quickly had to abandon my total of 44 pounds for lighter kettlebells. Swinging the Bulgarian Bag around looked crazy, felt crazy and was very tiresome. When I finished with the bag, I could barely lift the battle ropes but I liked the circuit -- challenging but engaging.

*Not sure how much the Bulgarian Bag weighed.

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