Monday, October 21, 2013

Take This Time

Take this time to let go -- that's what Donna said at the start of savasana. It was the reason that I went to class tonight. I needed to let go of this day.

I've also wanted to return to Donna's class for a while now. I went a few weeks ago and saw, from the parking lot, a full class and turned around. For some reason, I don't like to insert myself into a packed class.

Went last week and Donna was sick and the sub said I'm doing Pilates not yoga...I got bright lights and Shakira instead of subdued lighting and New Age music.

This wild Monday made me think of a Sonia Sanchez haiku:
if i had known, if
i had known you, i would have
left my love at home.
Had I known how wild it was going to be at work, I might have stayed at home. Don't think my coworker would have appreciated my absence though...

I recently read Maria Rodale's Yoga to Transform a Bad Day. At first, Rodale didn't think that she would have anything to write:

It has been so long since I was unable to be seated in gratitude...

While I don't wear gratitude on my sleeve, I am very grateful for how grounded I feel most days.

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