Friday, October 11, 2013

Upping The Ante

Debated about whether or not to take a bath last night then reminded myself how relaxing warm water is plus I'm able to get in reading time while soaking. Remembered that it's Self-Care Month and that sealed the deal. Took out my Epsom salt that I had already infused with lavender essential oil then added Dr. Teal's foaming bath to the mix.

I made it through the July/August Natural Health magazine and got lost in Frances Lefkowitz's While You Were Sleeping article about dreams.
...Noticing, honoring and sharing our dreams connects us to our inner, less rational and more emotional selves, as well as to our outer world and the other beings that inhabit it. (78)
Interesting article, overall, about dream groups and how some people, like artist Kim Collet, are "animating the dream image."

Funny, the "less rational" part reminds me of episode twenty two (season two) of Scandal when Cyrus talks to Olivia about doomed love and finally tells her This is not a romance novel; life is not a romance novel...

Wondering what else I can do to up the self-care ante.


  1. I want to know what is "the surprising solution to your fatigue, weight gain & depression."

  2. The problem for a lot of women is supposedly a hormone imbalance. Accd to the article, a hormone imbalance can have a widespread impact on your health.

    Eating hormone-free dairy and meat products, taming stress and trying supplements were key suggestions given to alleviate "estrogen dominance..."

    P.S. Even though I read the mag and scanned the cover, I totally skimmed over that teaser...