Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Usual Pace

Struggled with breathing last night which marked the second taking of my breath by the pool which was so cold. I stood in the water for 20 minutes before I got up the nerve to put my head under the water. Usually, after I submerge, my body quickly adjusts but not this time. When I yawned, Kathleen joked that sleepiness is a sign of hypothermia.

Hardly being able to breathe gave me a whole new appreciation for, well, uncomplicated breathing...

Took a rare short nap after work then got ready for kettlebell.

Marisa's kids were really cute. They enthusiastically greeted all of the kettlebellers and told us to enjoy our workouts. They've been pretty shy up until this point but Marisa said that they are working on their social skills...

Things I cannot stand to see on the whiteboard -- 50 triceps dips. My triceps are muscle-y enough, thanks. We also did step-ups, elevated push-ups (not me), burpees, lunges, regular push-ups etc.

For swings we did halos, hand-to-hand, two-hand, snatches, cleans and presses, deadlifts, around the body with a catch and squats.

As we left, Marisa's son was still around and he had the same question for all of us -- Did you enjoy your workout?

I said Yes but....

On Saturday, Jessica tried to get me to climb on Sunday. I told her that I wasn't even sure if I liked climbing anymore then she went on some funny spiel about reveling in the hate. I scurried* up a route and when I came down, Jessica said That didn't look like hate...

*My usual pace because if I pause who knows if I'll make it to the top...


  1. "reveling in the hate" Love that!

  2. Jessica's a character so she was all into it and convincing enough that I'll climb the wall again and maybe again.