Monday, September 30, 2013

Time Well Spent or Month-End Review, September

Birthday yoga. Yoga at the Confluence under the Arch. Hot yoga. It was a month to remember. Plus, mission accomplished. I wanted to roll out my mat much more than I did last month. I chalked up fifteen hours of yoga and it was definitely time well spent. Really enjoyed swimming as well.

Hadn't been to hot yoga in over a year and as soon as I sat down on my mat, I knew that I didn't need hot yoga anymore. All of that heat made savasana super sweet. Also dug the aromatherapy "wand" that the teacher waved at the beginning of savasana. The breeze from the wand was pretty nice too... Hope you found plenty to enjoy during your September endeavors.

10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training

  • Ab HITT, 1 x

  • HITT 101, 1 x

  • HITT Explosion, 2 x's

  • Rock Bottom HITT, 1 x

  • Upper Body HITT, 1 x

  • Bicycling, 3 x's

    Climbing, 3 x's

    Just Walk

  • Mile 1: Classic Low Impact, 4 x's

  • Mile 2: Walk & Tone, 1 x

  • Mile 3: Speed Intervals, 1 x

  • Mile 4: Strength Intervals, 1 x

  • Mile 5: Ab Walk,  1 x

  • Kettlebell, 3 x's

    Personal Training with Jackie

  • Upper Body Circuit, 1 x

  • Stretch Max (No Equipment), 1 x

    Swimming, 10 x's

    Walking, 8 x's

    Yoga, 15 x's

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