Saturday, September 7, 2013

Unplugged: In Water

As I headed to the pool, I told myself You have all day. I wanted to swim a mile which I haven't done in a while. One of my friends does not care for lap swimming. She finds it boring and I totally get that. In fact, I sometimes long for a water MP3 player but I won't buy one because sometimes you just have to be unplugged.

This swimming instructor told her student that he could not go in the lap lanes because they were for people swimming back and forth. Poor child must have been confused as I stood there motionless trying to ready myself for the full brunt of the frigid water...

Needless to say, I am all kinds of inspired by Diana Nyad and, as I struggled to swim one mile, I thought about how she swam 110 miles in 53 hours.

Went to sign up for boxing at the Y and saw that the price had been raised by $12 dollars which, in the larger scheme of things, is not that much money but it's $31 a month and $10 more than I pay for the fitness club that I'm currently going to. Plus, there are other fitness expenses including rock climbing. I wondered if it was time to switch over and get all my fitness needs taken care of under one roof but even if I get a Y membership at $63 a month, I'd still have to pay $31 for boxing because it's a specialty class.

After seeing a picture of Josie who blogs under Yum Yucky, I decided to give boxing a break. Josie works out at home all the time and so does Gingerzingi. I have more than enough DVDs to work out on my own for a couple days a week.

Earlier in the week, my colleague said that she had a feeling of deja vu as I tried to release the tweak in the middle of my back with seated spinal twists, shoulder rolls and shoulder hugs.

It took everything in me not to get down on the floor and do cat/cow or crocodile pose. I wasn't sure what would relieve my side stitch though.

I was feeling the love from mile two of Just Walk* which is the walk and tone segment. The resistance band seemed innocent enough but it worked my back deeper than I had expected. The other Just Walk segments are:

Mile 1: Classic Low Impact
Mile 3: Speed Intervals
Mile 4: Strength Intervals
Mile 5: Ab Walk

I thought about Hazira while I did these miles -- especially mile one. What do you say Hazira? Will you try this one with me?

During mile five, Sansone encourages you to get your navel to your spine and says that Stability gives you power which is true in more ways than one. I also like it when Sansone says Every system of the body works better when you work out -- something that I know but I never tire of hearing.

A woman named Lori joins Sansone and her crew during the cool down. Lori was able to walk off 140 pounds. Hoping that I'll be able to walk off a considerable amount as well.

Can't wait to incorporate Just Walk and other DVDs as I shake up my routine.

*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.

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