Sunday, September 29, 2013

Double Dose

Superb day for bicycling (or swimming) but I could barely lift my head this morning let alone my leg over a bicycle bar.

Pressed on and went to Gloria's class. Squaring my hips in Warrior I was even more difficult. Balance -- what balance? At one point, I was brought to my knees. One of these days, I'm going to stay in savasana when the feeling hits.

Alison was feeling off as well and, as Gloria said, could be the change of season. Of course, Alison still had energy to serenade and amuse us with her throat singing skills...

Later on, I went to meet Jeremy at a coffee shop and read from The Complete Idiots Guide: Chakras as I waited:
People who overeat, sleep too much, or are addicted to exercise sometimes have first-chakra issues, although those problems can also be related to other chakras...
Thought the sun might help energize me so I went for a stroll then decided to go to restorative* yoga which was a very good decision. Elle was talking that talk as we embraced bolsters, rolled blankets under our shoulders and attempted to use as little energy as possible. One of the things that Elle said: Each time you let go, it's an invitation for something new to enter your life...

 *Fullest class that I've been in so far at the studio that I'm trying out.

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