Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take Care of Your Body

We have a 97-year-old friend of the family, Mrs. D., who's been living by herself for 45 years -- for the most part. She recently moved away to be with her family but was back after a week to finish up some "business" and is now staying, temporarily, with my aunt Girt.

Mrs. D. told me that it was good to see me, gave me a strong hug, leaned back a bit then called me big and fat and, to think, I was just starting to feel toned again. I laughed loudly because she totally caught me off guard. My aunt said That's the privilege of being 97 -- you say what you want. And I have put on weight since she last saw me.

Mrs. D. once, in her words, took care of me and she told me to take care of my body.

She talked about divine love versus human love.

Told me that she could feel the presence of her mother -- couldn't see her but could feel her.

She told me about her 13 siblings and how she learned to obey from her parents. Had it not been for the lessons that her parents taught her, she said that she would have never been able to live by herself for 45 years chopping wood and whatnot.

No one can tell you how those shoes feel on your feet but you, she said.

Take care of your body...

She was sitting in the chair talking to me because she had just eaten and didn't want to go lie down immediately after her meal.

I'm going to hush now...

I love talking to young people...

She likes to eat oatmeal and chicken for breakfast plus peaches, toast and prunes with a side order of two bottles of water.

Some days my legs cooperate and some days they don't...

I'm gonna hush now...She rose out of the chair, unassisted, and headed back to her designated room.

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