Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Are You Saving Your Energy For?

Walked into the workout area and Julia, with a spirited look, nodded toward the newbie who was in "my" spot. I feigned revenge.

My magic spot opened up and I was glad because I like the energy there...

Marisa was in an interesting mood -- in the way that she guided us through class and her thinking out loud about the need to set fitness goals for herself... Our workout was interesting as well but I felt like we didn't swing a lot.

The workout, in part:

Russian Step-ups, 60 seconds

Hand-to-Hand Swing, 60 secs

Russian Step-ups

Halo, Squat, Triceps Extension

Russian Step-ups

Figure Eight with Catch and Lunge

Step Up, Step Down (i.e. Russian Step-ups)


Step Up...


At some point, Julia said I'm so over these step-ups...but she dug deep especially after Marisa asked What are you saving your energy for?

Jessica Rabbit (for her speed with doing triceps dips etc.) is now doing strict pull-ups. We all oohed and ahhed over her lats and arms. Well, Marisa does most of the ahhhing over Jessica's arms which made me mock ooh and ahh over many things that Jessica did which made her laugh and it's pretty easy to make her laugh. She cackled like crazy over my Cirque du Soleil maneuver with a medicine ball.

I sabotaged myself though because it's hard to laugh and swing a kettlebell at the same time.

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