Monday, September 9, 2013

Do What You Need To Do...

Noticed kettlebells propping the doors open as I walked toward the exercise room and I smiled.

Told Gloria that I thought it was cute that she had chosen kettlebells for the task. She didn't know what they were called but thought they looked like door stoppers.

As we transitioned from a vigorous sequence and went into downward facing dog, I liked what Gloria said: Do what you need to do to stay balanced and centered -- my new mission in life for sure and I was immediately put to the test today as I had curve ball after curve ball thrown at me but I maintained my peace...

Marisa had to switch the class schedule this week confusing all of us who are accustomed to practicing kettlebell on Wednesday.

We did quite a few plyometrics to start with then transitioned to swinging.

50, Two-Hand Swings
10/10, Snatches
15, Cleans and Presses
10, Halo...Squat...Curl...Press...Triceps Extensions
15/15, Rows
10, Deadlift Squats
50, Two-Hand Swings

I'm pretty sure that I forgot some of the kettlebell maneuvers that we did and I'm leaving out the stations and ab work but what I didn't forget was Princess Tiffany.

As we started the workout, Marisa gave Tiffany modifications which made several of us turn our heads.

The Princess did the MS Bike ride but crashed her bike at mile six. Both of her legs were scraped up plus one shoulder. Nevertheless, the Princess got up and finished the 75 miles because she didn't want to disappoint her sister who was participating in a major event for the first time and she also did not want to wait for six hours at the finish line. Yeah, The Princess finished -- squeaky bike and all.

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