Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Your Move

When I go to the pool on Tuesdays, there are lots of kids there for the practice session before recreational swimming.

Yesterday, one of the coaches from some organization approached me. You look good in the water, she said. I almost fell off the bench. Water competent? Yes. Looking good? Never dreamed of it.

Yet another coach wanted to talk to me. They volunteer at some agency and he thought I would make a good teacher for shorties. I'm all kind of flattered but don't feel competent to teach anyone to swim...

No kettlebell today and it felt strange. Pulled out a new DVD, 10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training*. I'd already done two segments and decided to check out the other three. 

There are about eight exercises in each segment. In HITT 101, enjoyed the frog jumps and bear crawls. In my notes, I wrote that frog jumps were better than burpees.

Imagine my surprise when I got to HIIT Explosion and Lisa Kinder calls for single leg burpees. Nothing ups the ante like a single leg burpee. 

I found myself enjoying the suicides which I used to do when I played basketball and I also like the donkey kicks.  For donkey kicks, you plant your hands on the floor, kick both feet in the air, pop back up, raise a knee (touch it) and then repeat with the other knee.

Donkey kicks are intense but I got the same sense of exhilaration that I get from doing fire hydrant pose in yoga. 

During Upper Body HIIT, I liked the body pendulum exercise. Taxing but fun. The rotational planks kicked my butt.

I also enjoyed surfer burpees. Again, taxing but the logistics of the surfer burpees are easier for me to manage than a "strict" burpee.  In Ab HIIT, I liked the ab hammer; you clasp your hands together, pull them over your head, rise up then hit the nail on the head. The ski ab exercise was exhausting and the bear tucks will make you want to growl. 

By the time to you get to the plank punch, you'll totally embrace it because at the end of the ab section, you'll want to lash out and punch something.

By the way, I dare you to HITT the play all button and do the five segments at once. As the Pointer Sisters would say: Make your move.

*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.

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