Saturday, September 14, 2013

...Genuinely Nice

Asmira's sugar-free, fat-free masterpiece.
I am not a party person so when my aunt asked about my yoga party, I quickly called it by another name --- a birthday yoga class.

Wanted to have a yoga class for the b-day last year but sat on the fence too long. I still had the urge so I thought about where I could have it and who would guide.

I asked Gloria and her answer was a supersized yes and I still have not found the appropriate words to convey how thankful I am.

I sent out invitations and asked people not to bring gifts. Why did you tell people not to bring anything? one of my friends asked. It feels good to be able to sing those Tuck and Patti lyrics: I have just about everything I need. Although, I will admit that I cannot resist the lure of workout clothes and I'm often tempted to buy more workout equipment.

The Gifts That I Was Not Supposed To Get
Today didn't go as I planned but it was a wonderful opportunity to practice yoga principles and to witness how magnanimous people can be. Even though it didn't go exactly as planned, it turned out beautifully. The energy was really good and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Even Borat said: It (the birthday yoga class) was genuinely nice.

Thanks so much to everyone for making it such a lovely day.

Lori Revisiting Plank. Borat and I Content With Sukhasana (Easy Pose)
A Deeper Look Inside of Asmira's Confection
A Closer Look at the Calla Lilies
Favorite Gloria-ism of the day: Every time (birthday) you step on your yoga mat, it's an opportunity to have a clean slate. Gloria said it much nicer but you get the picture.

Gloria also threw in eagle pose which tends to make me cringe. I totally saw my "office wife" nod in the affirmative when Gloria said that sometimes the poses that we like the least are the ones that we need to do the most.

Melinda would totally agree with this quote by Paris Hilton that Gloria read at the beginning of class:

The way I see it, you should live every day like it's your birthday.

One of the most memorably moments from the class, besides grunting from the newbies, was a post-savasana Gloria saying: Make a beautiful spine and the sun from the sky light falling across her face.

Can Feel The Warmth of The Coffee Cup That I Will Have In My Hands...


  1. Happy Birthday, 'Drea! That looks like a wonderful party, and Asmira's cake is beautiful.

  2. Gingerzingi,

    Thanks. I thought it was wonderful and it's a good thing that I don't live too close to Asmira. :)