Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Heard

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Treat. Pleasure. I keep trying to come up with a more accurate word to describe the experience of attending yoga practice with Gloria at the helm.

Even though her Sunday class has been split in two, the 11:00 o'clock session continues to grow and there were, easily, 45 yogis if not more.

Gloria settled us down by having us draw circles with our face then we interlaced our fingers, cupped our head then dipped one shoulder left and the other right which was incredibly relaxing.

After that sequence, Gloria read a poem and the phrase that caught my attention was You are not broken and the phrase that I repeated countless times was Oh my God as I tried to find comfort in pyramid pose (parsvottonasana) and turtle shell/tortoise pose (kurmasana). I had to remind myself to breathe but when Gloria said we'll be here for five breaths in pyramid, I kept thinking that I was good at breath two.

When Gloria said that there should be a channel between the hips during high lunge, it resonated with me. Likewise, when she said that the pelvis should be like a bowl during mountain pose (tadasana), I also got it re: how your positioning should be since you don't want your "soup" to spill out...

After savasana, Gloria said a pre-Namaste mantra. What I heard: each breath a yes and a letting go...

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