Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tiffany's Response

Before kettlebell practice, I tried to brace myself -- the way one braces the lats in the kettlebell waiter hold. I remind myself that I will be pushed out of my comfort zone. Guess Marisa heard me. She started us off with body weight exercises. Well, first, she started us off with the usual Molotov cocktail of butt kickers, high knees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks then we moved on to the body weight portion of the program.

Bomb Divers anyone? How about crab planks (a kind of reverse table top push-up)?

We did hand-to-hand swings; hand-to-hand cleans; clean and presses; squat, curl and biceps extensions; around the body with a catch and lunge. Some kangaroo situation where you do a backward lunge then hop up. I felt instant feedback in my glutes on that one.

We did 30 triceps dips. Thirty two-hand swings. Push-ups. Planks with a T-up and then a reach. Regular planks and ab work to end class. We actually begged for the ab work as opposed to more kettlebell maneuvers.

At one point, I asked Princess Tiffany  if she was even sweating. A little, she responded...

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