Saturday, February 23, 2013

Someone Else Inspires

The last time that I went to Zumba this woman said shoe twins and, indeed, we were shoes twins -- sporting the same pair of visually appealing Nike.

My shoe twin and I took up the same positions on the floor. What I didn't notice last week was Shoe Twin's maximum effort. That girl clowns on the studio floor. Her effort is symbolic of what I like most about group classes. When you're dragging and trying to find that mind over matter zone, someone else inspires. But, really, Shoe Twin was bouncing around like Tigger or as if she'd had an energy drink.

The lower half of my body screamed about 20 minutes into Zumba. I should have said thanks to Shoe Twin because she definitely helped me dig deeper...

Attempted to get a haircut but the house was full then went home and decided to go swimming. On Friday, I stopped by the pool and the ominous closed until further notice sign had been removed. A power line had fallen, causing a minor fire (in another building) and loss of electricity which made the water in the pool drain. Luckily for me, the pool is filled again.

There is something cool about swimming while there's snow on the ground. Bad pun, I know...

No Special Effects Needed

Got in 13 laps and headed back to my barber who still had a full house. I waited for almost two hours while thinking about the many things that I could be doing. At some point, I settled down in an easy chair and read articles hoping that my less than 20% battery would hold out.

Went by the store after the precious haircut and picked up a Boboli crust and vegetables off the salad bar for a quick dinner. Passed by the library as it was closing and wished that I had thought to stop by earlier as I'm out of magazines to read for bubble baths because, as Gingerzingi pointed out, dropping a Kindle in the bathtub is a fatal error.

Got home, turned on the oven and realized that I still had Senegalese Peanut Stew. Felt warmth from the oven as I headed in the direction of the Mr. Coffee. Forgot that oven was on and also realized that I forgot to get bananas. There's always tomorrow, right?

The Loneliest Number

Song that I'm digging from Zumba lineup...V.I.C.'s Wobble.


  1. I've come up with a kindle/bathtub solution: I put it in a large ziplock bag. It won't survive being taken along scuba-diving, but it's enough protection for a quick dunk in the tub.

    That's a good idea with the Boboli crust. I sometimes get veggies off the salad bar for a quick meal, but never thought to make a pizza out of it...

    I rarely eat grains these days, but I used to make little pizzas using a tortilla as the base. That works pretty well too.

  2. Gingerzingi,

    The bag is a great idea.

    Re: Boboli, it usually ends up being like veggies and whole wheat bread because I don't use tomato sauce or too much cheese but it satisfies the pizza craving.

    I should eat fewer grains...