Saturday, February 9, 2013

Total Endorphin Rush

Walked into my first Zumba class minus the gold. Zumba Gold classes are 15 minutes shorter and  low impact. I totally felt the additional 15 minutes and the added bouncing around and whatnot.

I worried that the new teacher wouldn't be as cool as Jenn, the Zumba Gold teach, but Relanda was everything that I hoped for and more.

I have a new workout playlist and most of the tunes come from kettlebell and  Zumba classes.

So far, my favorite Zumba routine is from Relanda's class. She had the Turners' (Ike and Tina) Proud Mary in the rotation. So much fun. I turned around so fast on one part that I got completely dizzy.

I had endorphins to spare after class so I took it the pool after refueling. I chugged along, got into the zone around lap 15 and totally crashed at lap 20.

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