Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hang Tight

Don't remember half of the cool stuff that Gloria said in class but I do remember her saying that yoga helps with flexibility of the body and flexibility of the mind. Yoga has definitely helped me with the latter.

Gloria sometimes practices yoga to random videos online and recently practiced to a Dagmar video that she liked. The video begins with Hang music which Gloria shared with us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music -- found it incredibly beautiful and relaxing and it's now on my music to quiet the mind playlist.

You can go to for a complimentary download. Thanks Gloria for sharing the music and so much more...

P.S. I had a clear view of myself and totally liked the way I looked in Warrior II this day.


  1. Just bought some Hang Music for my yoga classes, I am loving it!! We fell asleep with it playing last night and I slept great!! :) Thanks for sharing and thanks to Gloria too! I am really looking forward to trying the new studio that is opening where she will be teaching. Looks like they have some fun stuff besides yoga too...Bollywood dancing? sign me up!

  2. Glad that you're enjoying the Hang drum. I've downloaded more and plan to look for new tracks soon.

    I'm also looking forward to checking out the studio. Can't wait to check out that cork floor among other things...